Minutes from the 422-436 Roncesvalles & 76 Howard Park Community Meeting

On October 19th a community meeting was held to hear feedback from the community and give updates on the progress of 422-436 Roncesvalles & 76 Howard Park Ave.

Below is a copy of the handout that was distributed at the meeting, along with a description of what was discussed with each page.

Page 1: This diagram outlines the planning process for developments in the city, highlighting the fact that we are in the community consultation phase, which means meetings with the community members to gather feedback and input about the developer’s proposal.

Page 2: This picture shows the two lots that are joined together in this proposal in relationship to the surrounding neighbourhood, and the approximate site area, frontage, and lot depth.

Page 3: The Neighbourhoods page is meant to give an idea of what the City Planners mean when they use the Neighbourhood terminology, and what sorts of things we are looking to uphold and protect when new development happens.

Page 4: Similar to page 3, this page outlines the City Planning definition of Mixed Use Areas.

Page 5: Again, this page describes and gives examples of what the City considers a Mid-Rise Building.

Page 6: This describes the character of the Roncesvalles Ave Neighbourhood. This type and pattern of building is what the City is trying to maintain and keep balanced with incoming development.

Page 7: This page is not a model of the proposed development, but simply an example used to show the meanings of various planning concepts.

Page 8: A description of the ongoing Dundas and Roncesvalles Study, with outlines of its goals and potential areas of impact in the future.

Page 9: A breakdown of the proposed development, as it currently exists.

Page 10: A list of the issues that currently remain unresolved. In addition to this list a few concerns were raised at the meeting: the impact on Hewitt and Howard Park from laneway traffic flow, noise abatement with regards to the location of the exhaust fans and their proximity to residential properties, amount and location of short term bike parking on nearby streets, and a commitment to create a Construction Management Plan.