Notes from last night’s community meeting: Tim Hortons

Last night’s meeting at St. Casimir’s Church included representatives from Tim Hortons’, the franchisees of the new location, and residents of the Roncesvalles Community.

The Tim Hortons at 175 Roncesvalles has a tentative opening of December 19th. The hours of operation will be 5:00 AM to 11:00 PM. The site has hired locally with 35 employees and provides seating for up to 18 costumers. There will not be a drive-through at this location.

The Director of Operations for Tim Hortons provided an overview of Tim Hortons’ work with local communities such as breakfast clubs and local sports team sponsorships.

Community members had the opportunity to voice their concerns about the affect on the neighbourhood such as hours of operation, traffic, delivery times.

Tim Hortons has agreed to follow-up with residents around:

Litter Bins
Sign Design
Outdoor Beautification
Garbage and Storage
Vent noise and appearance
Garbage Pick-up (When and How)
Hours of operation
Delivery and Parking


Tim Hortons will be providing more information on these items before they open and have agreed to a follow-up meeting after the New Year.