New Online Resource for Toronto's Middle Childhood Programs



New online resource for Toronto’s middle childhood programs

“The City of Toronto’s website has a new online locator to help parents and guardians of children from 6 to 12 years of age find before-school and after-school programs in Toronto. This new resource marks the first phase of the City of Toronto’s Middle Childhood Strategy.

The locator can be found at

The locator is designed to search for locations for licensed school-age child care programs, full-day kindergarten before and after school programs, and after school recreation care (ARC) programs. The locator will continually be expanded to search for more categories.

“According to the latest census, there are almost 180,000 children aged 6 to 12 in Toronto,” said Councillor Jaye Robinson (Ward 25 Don Valley West), Chair of the Community Development and Recreation Committee. “Parents and caregivers with children in this age group can now rely on an easy-to-use online locator to find programs in their area that suit their needs.”

The City of Toronto’s Middle Childhood Strategy aims to achieve five goals:
• develop a comprehensive and integrated system of services for children 6 to 12
• improve the planning and coordination of local programs
• increase the quality of programs
• raise public awareness of the availability of programs for this age group, and
• support research and share information.

Further initiatives as part of the Middle Childhood Strategy addressing the quality and consistency of programs for children in their middle childhood years will be introduced in 2013.

Information about the strategy: