New Blue Bin Program in Toronto

This spring residents in single family houses in ward 14 and surrounding wards will receive new larger blue bins. They will be similar to the green bins we have. Additionally, apartments will soon be getting better recycling tools. This is all part of the ambitious 70% recycling system adopted in 2007 by City Council. That plan is easily the most ambitious plan of any major North American city. There are three size choices for Blue Bins: Medium, Large and Extra-large.

  • Medium Blue Bin = 2 blue boxes
  • Large Blue Bin = 4 blue boxes
  • Extra-Large Blue Bin = 6 blue boxes

Everyone will receive a large bin unless they order a different size. You have until February 22nd to choose a different size for free.There are three options for placing Blue Bin orders:

  1. On-line: via the website at
  2. Automated Telephone Order Line: call 647-288-1088
  3. Mail: complete the enclosed postage-paid order card that came with your newsletter and mail it back.

If you follow this link you can get more detail on the plan:

I want to talk about some of the bigger issues….To read more please click on the link below: