Multi-residential recycling calendars now available

In December, Solid Waste Management Services (SWMS) delivered over 500,000 recycling calendars to all apartments and condo units. With half of Toronto‘s residents living in this type of housing, it is important that they receive waste diversion information, especially if we expect to improve on the current 15 per cent diversion rate for multi-residential units.
The 2010 Recycling Calendar also provides an opportunity to promote a new outreach program for apartments and condos called the 3Rs Ambassador Volunteer Program which uses local volunteers to help residents Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (3Rs) more of their garbage. Overall, the calendar also contains a lot of useful recycling information, even for those in single-family homes.
For your reference, I have attached a PDF of the calendar: Apartment Solid Waste Calendar.
If you require a hard copy of the calendar, please do not hesitate to contact 311 via email at or by calling 311 directly, and request a copy be mailed to you.