Major TTC initiatives/construction project updates in Parkdale-High Park

Runnymede Station Easier Access Project
Runnymede is scheduled to become an accessible station at the end of 2020.
Customers are now boarding all buses inside Runnymede Station’s bus loop. A portion of the bus loop will be occupied by construction material as the project continues to progress. The three elevator shafts have been built. Crews are currently installing the elevator systems into the shafts. Upcoming work includes completing the electronics, hydraulics and finishes for the new elevators.

Keele Station Easier Access Project
Keele is scheduled to become an accessible station in late 2021.
The Keele Station easier access project continues with the installation of two new elevators and the reconstruction of the bus roadway. The bus loop closed at the end of March for structural upgrades/improvements and buses will return later this fall. The 30 High Park and 89 Weston buses are diverting to High Park Station.

Priority Bus Lanes – RapidTO
On July 28 City Council unanimously approved priority bus lanes on the Eglinton East corridor. By fall 2020, dedicated bus lanes will be installed along Eglinton Avenue East, Kingston Road and Morningside Avenue—from Kennedy Station to the University of Toronto Scarborough Campus—having an immediate benefit for customers returning to the TTC as the city reopens.