Lamport Stadium

Over the last few years, I have been working to upgrade Allan Lamport Stadium for community use through the installation of Field Turf in 2007 and a field cover in 2008. I now have great enws to share. The addition of a winter bubble will now allow Lamport to be a 365-day operation which is a very positive direction for not only Parkdale – High Park residents but for the City. At its meeting on Friday September 11th, The Board of Governors of Exhibition Place approved a proposal that would see Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd. investing $5.5 million in public soccer facilities across the City. The proposal included the following investments:· $3.5 million to replace the Field Turf at BMO Field with a natural grass field· $2.0 million investment in community sports facilities which includes an estimated $1.2 million to upgrade Allan Lamport Stadium with the winter bubble and a $0.8 million investment in the playing field at Lakeshore Collegiate Institute or some other community facility in Ward 6 (Etobicoke-Lakeshore) to covert the field to Field Turf Both The Ontario Soccer Association and The Canadian Soccer Association have applauded the plans to upgrade Lamport Stadium and provide natural grass at BMO Field. As stated in their letters of support, the soccer community will be better served because the soccer facility inventory in Toronto will increase. In fact, the upgrades to these three facilities will result in over 2,500 more hours available for community sport use.