King Street Pilot Project Community Meeting


On February 13th, 2017, City Planning will be holding the first of many public consultations on the King Street Pilot Project. The Study will explore a range of pilot options that recognize the different neighbourhood contexts along the 6km corridor from Dufferin Street in the west to River Street in the east. You can find information about this project at

King Street is the busiest surface transit route in the entire City, carrying more than 65,000 riders on a typical weekday. City Planning and TTC recognize that King Street isn’t working well. Streetcars are often stuck in mixed traffic, making it challenging to keep transit service running smoothly. This often results in bunching and gapping (time between streetcars), uneven utilization of capacity, and overcrowded TTC vehicles. During rush hour people are often unable to board the first streetcar that arrives.

King Street is also an important Downtown east-west spine, connecting many neighbourhoods with the largest concentration of jobs in the City, Region, and entire Country. The King Street corridor will continue to see significant population and employment growth in the coming decades, leading to further demand on these already heavily congested transit routes.

The City and TTC have recently been making operational changes to improve streetcar service including: allowing all-door loading (to become more effective with the new low-floor streetcars), adding supplemental buses, extending turning and on-street parking restrictions, optimizing transit stop locations and route running times, adding route supervisors, and improving night service.

But a more significant change is needed to improve transit service on King Street. The pilot project(s) will test a range of options to determine what might further improve transit reliability, capacity, and efficiency.

Pilot projects are an efficient and cost-effective way for cities to quickly test out new ideas in order to learn important lessons about what works and what doesn’t. The City has used pilot projects on a number of other projects, most notably the Bloor Cycling Pilot and the Richmond-Adelaide Cycle Tracks.

You are invited to join in the conversation. The first public consultation is being held on:

Monday, February 13th, 2017
6:30 PM to 9 pm
Metro Hall, Room 308/309
55 John Street South east corner of King Street West and John Street

You can also join the conversation online at If you would like to review the project details and join the mailing list visit Of course, you can also email me at for more information.

I look forward to seeing you at the first public consultation on February 13th.