Keele Station Repairs

The Keele Trestle Bridge which carries the Bloor subway line over Indian Road and the Keele Station parking lot at the east end of Keele Station requires emergency strengthening. This work resulted from a recent consultant report that identified deficiencies in the bridge structure.

The immediate concerns have been alleviated through a slow order to reduce the speed of trains while crossing the bridge and removal of ballast from the bridge deck to reduce loading. Work is required to be carried out as soon as possible in order to strengthen the bridge before the winter season.

In general, work will consist of the construction of four new piers to support the bridge deck, which will be located in the parking lot. This work necessitates the full closure of the parking lot from October 5th to the middle of December 2009 and partial closure until early January 2010. While the project is scheduled for completion in January 2010, any asphalt resurfacing of the commuter parking lot will be conducted in the spring. The east entrance to the Keele Station will also be closed for the same time period (October 5th to mid December) and an alternate temporary emergency exit will be constructed.

To get the work done as quickly as possible, the contractor will be working extended hours throughout the week until completion. The majority of the work will be carried out during regular daytime shifts, however, there will be some night time work involving jacking operations to transfer loading from the bridge onto the new piers and other work as required will be carried out at night when subway is not in service (2 a.m. to 5 a.m. typically). Any planned night time work will be coordinated to ensure proper notification is forward to Councillor’s office ahead of time.

The egress routing from outside of the emergency exit of the Toronto Lithuanian Senior Citizens Building will be altered for the same time period. Additional lighting and security cameras will be installed in the outside passageway.

A notice regarding this project will be distributed to the surrounding community prior to work beginning.