Junction bus stop: Dundas at Jerome

Last week I found out that because of the safety concerns, the TTC decided to remove both northbound and southbound bus stops on Dundas St W. at Jerome St.

I have asked the TTC for a review of the decision to remove the Southbound stop on Dundas Street West at Jerome St. and expect to have their answer within a week’s time.

For a number of years, members of the community have been concerned about the safety of people using the NORTHBOUND stop (the stop on the railway side of Dundas). People have seen a fair amount of jay-walking across Dundas from that stop. Traffic moves fast through that stretch and we were all concerned that this was an accident waiting to happen. Some time ago, I asked the City to consider putting a crosswalk in to make it safer. Transportation staff evaluate proposals like this based on a number of criteria: pedestrian use, automobile use, distance to the nearest crossing, etc..

In December of last year Transportation staff completed that review and found that this intersection did not meet any of the criteria for a crosswalk. TTC staff have since made a decision to remove both bus stops.

So you know, my position is this: I want to keep the southbound stop but the northbound stop poses safety concerns and should be removed.

Thank you to the residents of the West Bend community for contacting my office to voice your concern with removing this southbound bus stop.

I will be sure to follow-up with updates as I receive them.