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2011 Green Toronto Awards winners to be announced April 15

The City of Toronto and Green Living Enterprises invite Toronto residents to attend the 2011 Green Toronto Awards at the Direct Energy Centre on April 15. The City’s environmental awards of excellence recognize the individuals, organizations and companies helping to lead the way to a cleaner, greener Toronto.

Ten winners will be announced at the seventh annual Green Toronto Awards ceremony on Friday, April 15 at 7 p.m. on the Main Stage at the Green Living Show, Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place. Entry to the Green Toronto Awards is free to the public. Singing sensation Alyssa Reid will perform.

Each winner will receive an award and $5,000 to further their work on the environment or to donate to an environmental charity of their choice, courtesy of the award sponsors. New award categories this year are Green Home and Green Business.

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City of Toronto introduces new parking ticket dispute process
April 11th, 2011: The City of Toronto has introduced a new parking ticket dispute process that will make it easier for those who have received tickets for pay-and-display or parking meter violations to dispute tickets by using either e-mail or fax.

Motorists who have been issued tickets for parking meter/pay-and-display offences and who meet the cancellation criteria set out in the Parking Ticket Cancellation Guidelines may submit their ticket by fax or e-mail, together with any supporting documentation (such as a valid pay-and-display receipt), to request that their ticket be cancelled.

This process only applies to tickets that have been issued for violations that result from a broken or out of service pay-and-display machine or parking meter, pay-and-display receipts that have not been displayed properly, or pay-and-display receipts that were printed incorrectly. It does not include parking tickets that occur during rush-hour periods.

The new dispute process is a service enhancement that will impact approximately 40,000 ticket holders a year. It will provide a timely and effective way of disputing tickets that can be dealt with by the City of Toronto instead of the provincial courts, as well as providing a greater convenience to motorists.

Currently, the parking ticket dispute process requires individuals to attend one of four First Appearance Facilities (parking ticket payment counters) in person to dispute any type of parking violation. Motorists can now dispute tickets issued for parking meter or pay-and-display violations by either fax or e-mail, or in-person at a First Appearance Facility. For disputes that have been faxed or e-mailed, the vehicle owner will be advised in writing confirming either that the ticket has been cancelled, or that it does not meet the criteria for cancellation.

Those who do not meet the criteria for cancellations can then opt to pay the fine or request a trial in person at one of the City’s First Appearance Facilities. As legislated in the Provincial Offences Act, a request for trial must be made in person by the individual who received the ticket, or by their designated agent.

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