Items of Interest

Event: “Clean Air for Little Lungs Stroller Parade”

When: Monday, July 20th, 10 – 11 am

Where: In front of the Ontario Legislature (Queen’s Park)

Why: Parents say NO to over 400 dirty diesel trains a day running through our neighbourhoods. For the sake of our children’s health, tell Premier McGuinty thatelectric trains are the only solution. Bring your kids and noisemakers.

Featuring a musical performance by children’s entertainers, Rob and Soli of Alistair Ant Productions.

For more information, go to http://www.cleantrain.caand register through the Clean Train Facebook site to the”Clean Air for Little Lungs Stroller Parade” invitation list to RSVP.

Please support the Clean Train Coalition’s “Clean Air for Little Lungs Stroller Parade” as research has proven that diesel emissions can impair lung development and lung capacity in children, decrease school children’s ability to learn and retain information and increase the incidence of childhood asthma

The recent Air Assessment Report by Metrolinx admits that this GSSE/UPRL diesel corridor expansion will emit nitrous oxide levels far beyond legal limitations. There are 96 schools, 40 daycare centers, and 4 long term care facilities ( including one chronic respiratory care hospital) within 300 meters of this expansion whose school children and elderly residents will be negatively affected by these tonnes of nitrous oxide and particulate matter emissions. Children are particularly vulnerable due to the small particulate NOx matter impairing the growth of their lungs and diminishing their future lung capacity.

Come and protect the future health of your children!