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Toronto Fire Services – Career Preparation Course

Please help us reach out to the community by posting the attached Career Preparation Course designed for persons 18 years and older who may have never seen fire equipment and want to have a better understanding of the Fire Services and its various career paths.

The Career Preparation Course is 12 weeks in length (one night per week for 3 hrs) and is comprised of in-class lectures with one practical day, held on a Saturday at one of the City of Toronto’s training centres. Training is delivered by Professional Firefighters.

Topics (covered at an introductory level) include:

. Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

. Toronto Fire Services

Complete and submit the Career Preparation Course Registration Form. Must be received no later than Noon, Friday, December 12, 2008.

Mail or deliver to:

Employment Equity, Employment Services

c/o Toronto Fire Services, Career Preparation Course

Metro Hall, 5th Floor, 55 John St.,

Toronto, Ontario M5V 3C6

The Career Preparation Course Registration Form can be downloaded at

Registrants selected to participate in the course will receive an Application Form from Toronto Fire Services by December 31, 2008. A fee of $235.00 is required with the completed and returned Application Form.

Please see attached for more details