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Sign By-law Project Summary

It has been more than ten years since Toronto was amalgamated and, with the exception of some specific amendments, the by-laws of all of the former municipalities governing permanent signs are still in force today.

In response, Toronto Building is working towards the creation of a single Sign By-law to regulate permanent signs. Permanent signs include: roof signs, fascia (wall) signs, free-standing (ground) signs and billboards. A proposed draft by-law and enforcement protocol is expected to be completed by the summer of 2009.

The new Sign By-law will recognize Toronto’s beautification and heritage goals, as well as review ‘special areas’ that reflect unique characteristics throughout the City. The Sign By-law project will also explore ways that signage will support the City’s efforts in climate change and energy conservation. And in response to Council’s recommendation October 2007, the project will consider the potential application of a billboard or public signage tax specifically for the purposes of raising revenue to administer the by-law and raise revenues for city beautification, arts or cultural initiatives

The Sign By-law Project will seek to create regulations for the future rather than harmonize regulations from the past.

New technologies such as digital projection and other electronic signs, as well as the wide spread use of vinyl materials creates a challenge. A thorough review of these matters will be undertaken as part of the Sign By-law project and appropriate provisions will be developed to properly regulate these new technologies and materials.

You are invited to participate in one of the public consultation sessions. Please see attached flyer and/or visit the City’s website at for details about the public consultations.

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