Information from Toronto Hydro – December 30th, 10:30AM

Toronto Hydro works to restore final customers impacted by ice storm

Toronto Hydro-Electric System Limited (Toronto Hydro) reports there are now approximately 725 customers without service, and crews have been dispatched to these locations. Work will continue until all outages are addressed.
In addition, there are approximately 680 locations that have received Electrical Safety Authority approval to reenergize following repairs to electrical stand pipes that were damaged in the storm. Toronto Hydro has dispatched crews to all of these locations.

Toronto Hydro is working through the final phase of restoration. By now, crews have restored almost all neighbourhoods impacted by the storm. The utility is asking customers to do the following:

If you are in a neighbourhood that has been restored but your home is still without power, it is critical that you report your outage to a call centre agent by calling 416-542-8000. While call volumes have now reduced, we kindly ask that you stay on the line if at first, phone lines are busy. Thank you for your patience.

As expected, our equipment at many locations has experienced severe damage due to the ice storm, and therefore restoration is taking much longer than would normally be the case. Many of these homes are in neighbourhoods with rear-lot construction, where poles and power lines are located in backyards. Crews cannot use bucket trucks to reach the damage, and must enter the yards on foot, carrying equipment and using ladders to climb poles and make repairs. This is time-consuming and hazardous.

Crews continue to focus on localized neighbourhoods, apartment buildings, condominiums and individual homes still without service.

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