High Park Stewards Presentation: Restoration in the Age of Climate Change and Invading Worms



Restoration in the Age of Climate Change and Invading Worms, with Dale Leadbeater

Sunday January 27, 2013, 10:30 am to 12:30 pm
Howard Park Tennis Club, 430 Parkside Drive, Toronto, ON M6R 2Z3
(The first light S. of Bloor from Keele. It’s the brown building in the
back. Please enter via the bottom door.)

Ecologist Dale Leadbeater brings years of experience when she speaks of  best practices for ecological restoration. Our tools include prescribed burns, invasive plant species control, and plantings that range from wildflowers, sedges and grasses to shrubs and trees. We target  historical ecosystems as goals for restoration.

But the key is “sustainability”. All too often, restoration projects struggle and fail due to an inadequate understanding of the ecology of soil. How do we account for its role?

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