High Park Stewards invite you to Nature, Restoration and Health – March 25, 2018

You are invited by the High Park Stewards to Nature, Restoration and Health – March 25.

Join the High Park Stewards on March 25 for our final winter speaker presentation by Ben Porchuk. Ecologist, Forest Therapy Leader, Writer
on Nature, Ecological Restoration and Health.

10:30 am to 12:30 pm, HOWARD PARK TENNIS CLUB, 430 Parkside Drive

Explore how you can help nature and find health and happiness at the same time.

www.highparknature.org and stewards@highparknature.org

Ben will be talking about native plants and bolstering urban ecology, safeguarding urban natural areas from invasive species and extensive human over use, while capitalizing on events that give people full nature experiences even in large cities. In particular, Topics include the World Wildlife Fund and Carolinian Canada program, In The Zone Gardens, as well as Forest therapy and other activities that can build pride and integrity in socio-environmental initiatives to ensure long-term viability of diverse urban natural ecosystems.