High Park Residents’ Association Tree Committee – Plant a FREE tree in your front yard!



If you look around you can see that the number of trees is declining in our neighbourhood. We are losing what is one of the High Park area’s best assets. The HPRA has formed a tree planting committee to address this issue.


Each front yard should have either a mature tree or a young tree ready to replace the neighboring established tree. Many of the neighbourhood’s trees are maples, which do not have a long life span as compared to other varieties and they are nearing the end of their lifespan. The existing tree cover could continue to decline rapidly without backup trees. Despite a strong planting effort by the City of Toronto, pollution, heat and construction have shrunk Toronto’s tree canopy to 18% from 22% since 1992. The City’s goal is to increase the tree canopy cover to 30% by 2010.

The benefits of planting a tree are significant as they are beautiful and useful. Trees add beauty and value to your home. Trees reduce storm water runoff and subsequently reduce the amount of pollutants that enter the lake. Trees reduce greenhouse gasses and pollutants by absorbing CO2, SO2 and other pollutants. Trees cool the city, reducing demand for air conditioning and as a result, electricity.


Contrary to popular belief trees do not break drains or water pipes. Tree maintenance is minimal as the City collects leaves each fall.

The City of Toronto offers free trees for each homeowner’s front yard and will plant them for free, while ensuring that no gas lines or water pipes will be affected. The goal of the HPRA Tree Committee is to increase the number of residential tree plantings in our neighbourhood.

The HPRA Tree Committee hopes to raise neighbourhood awareness of the City’s tree planting program and to assist homeowners in submitting an application form. During the first weeks of spring 2007 members and volunteers of the HPRA Tree Committee will be contacting homeowners that currently do not have a front yard tree. At this time information on tree selection will be distributed with a tree application form. In a follow up meeting the application forms will be collected and submitted directly to the City by the HPRA Tree Committee. The deadline for submitting applications to ensure a fall 2007 planting is July 1, 2007.

We are seeking volunteers on your street to correspond with homeowners needing a tree. If you would like to volunteer please contact a member of the HPRA Tree Committee: Adam Elltoft (416-516-7585), Rob Aucoin (416-763-0129), Karen Palkowski (416-767-8377), Christine McClymont (416-537-3733), and Paul Cook (416-763-5850).

To learn more, check the City of Toronto website for additional information:


Subsidized trees are also available for backyards and information is available at: (www.leaftoronto.org).

Leave a legacy, plant a tree.