Grenadier Pond Ice Monitoring Program

The ice monitoring program started on Jan 1, 2019. Ice thickness is measured on a daily basis. To check the flag status, visit Find an Outdoor Rink and scroll to the bottom of the page.

Grenadier Pond in High Park has been a recreational skating surface since the early days of Toronto but temperature changes, water currents, salt run-off and other factors can make it dangerous.

For 12 weeks in winter, the City will monitor ice thickness and place a flag at the pond:

  • red flag: not safe
  • yellow flag: use at your own risk
A red flag with the text Not Safe.
A yellow flag with the text Use at Your Own Risk.


Since this is a not a skating program, no ice clearing or maintenance is done.

Tips for a successful day at Grenadier Pond:

  • Check online before heading out – we inspect daily and post either a red or yellow flag at the pond
  • Dress warmly. It’s cold by the lakefront, especially when windy
  • There’s no clubhouse or place to lock up your belongings, so don’t bring anything valuable you can’t carry on your person
  • If you’re intending to skate, bring proper safety equipment like helmets, knee and elbow pads. There are no skate trainers available at the pond.
  • Please take care of our fragile ecosystem by staying within the designated area and keeping dogs off the pond The remaining wetlands at the Grenadier pond are a locally significant lakefront marsh. Please stay within the allowed boundaries.

More info on Public & Leisure Skating can be found at .