Great News for the West Toronto Railpath Extension

Railpath Extension proceeds to next phase, DETAILED DESIGN & IMPLEMENTATION!
From Transportation Services:
The City completed the West Toronto Railpath Extension study report and issued it for a 30-day public review period from January 14 to February 15, 2016. A letter requesting a Part II Order was sent to the Minister of Environment & Climate Change and copied to the City of Toronto on February 17. Members of the public that were unable to resolve their concerns about the project with the City had the opportunity to request that the Minister invoke Part II of the Environmental Assessment Act. The Part II Order request is an appeal provision for elevating the status of the project to an individual environmental assessment. The City of Toronto received the Minister’s decision on May 17, 2016 which denied the above request.
This means that the Minister of the Environment has approved the EA and we can now proceed to detailed design and implementation.

The Primary Study Area extends 200 metres on either side of the Kitchener GO rail corridor between Dundas Street West to Strachan Avenue.