Go Transit Track Work – West Toronto Diamond Rail Yard

I am trying to use all my powers as a City Councillor to limit the noise due to the Go Transit utility relocation project. My office received a request for a noise exemption for an Enabling Works contract to relocate utilities at the West Toronto Diamond Rail Yard on April 2nd, 2007. We received this request 7 days before the work was to commence. I immediately addressed this very short notice with both the construction company and GO transit, and stressed that the application should have been sent in much earlier. In the days following my office contacted the construction company and the Corridor Manager from GO Transit to get detailed information on the work being done, and negotiated how the disturbance to residents in the area be minimized to the greatest extent. We were very very strict on the levels of noise, and before granting the exemption I requested the following, in light of the details:
-That an on site administrator will be present 24hrs a day to monitor noise and respond to concerns immediately.
-That supervisors/administrators on site have their phone numbers listed in the notification sent out to all affected residents in the area.

-That any efforts to minimize noise during the nighttime hours be outlined in a letter from the construction company to GO Transit and my office, and that these efforts be followed as closely as possible.
I have been very stringent with minimal disturbance, and have been in regular contact with GO Transit and the construction company to ensure that they are aware of any concerns that have arisen. GO has advised that in the overall scheme, they are doing this work to decrease noise in the future. I understand that completing this project will minimize inconvenience to local residents and decrease the overall noise in this corridor by removing the at-grade diamond rail crossing that is the major source of noise. Noise and vibration are generated by the steel rail wheels crossing over the space between the crossing steel rails. With the CN Weston Sub underpassing the CPR North Toronto Sub, upon completion of the project, the overall noise inn the corridor will decrease.
During the day (before 7:00 pm) if you have any questions and/or concerns about this work, please contact the Contract Administrator, Sam D’Ascenzo 416-604-3223 (site office) or on his cell 905-601-1802, or Sabi Ahluwalia (same site office number) or on his cell 905-302-0472.
If there are any concerns after 7:00pm please call Patrick (he will be on the night shift) at 416-604-3223 (site office) or on his cell 905-302-1821.