Get a Free Tree!


Get a free tree                    

The leaves are falling but spring is not that far away. Act now to have a free tree planted in front of your house next spring. The City will deliver, plant and prune it at no cost to you. You just add water.

The City will supply and plant a free tree on the City-owned portion of your yard between the sidewalk and your property line (usually the first several feet from the sidewalk). You will be offered a choice of 18 species of native trees including maples, tulip trees, and oaks. You can choose from 4 species native to North America and 14 imports from Europe or Asia, including the freeman maple that is quite common in the area (It turns brilliant red in the fall).

All you have to do

Simply telephone 311 during business hours and make a request. You can also go online anytime at Under the column “Residents” , click on “Parks”. At the bottom of the Parks page, click on “Request a tree”. The application form is on this page. Click on Request service online and provide the required information. The every tree counts brochure in on the right side of this page. Clicking on it will list the colour and characteristics of each tree — –to assist you in making your selection.

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