Gardiner Expressway West planting 2013

A proposal for tree planting and associated “no mow naturalization” on the Gardiner Expressway West is attached. This is very exciting news for Ward 14 as it will provide a significant piece of green infrastructure in Ward 14 with over 189 new trees proposed along the waterfront. Benefits include, carbon and expressway noise reduction, oxygen production, temperature regulation and storm water absorption. All existing trees are to remain. This is a project with Urban Forestry.
The majority of planting proposed is to expand on an existing oak-savanah type appearance. They are proposing oaks with 20′ spacing that would have the potential to reach a significant size. They also proposed more formal planting rows at location ‘A’ for an agricultural / orchard heritage appearance. The plant list is in consultation with urban forestry.
Planting is targeted for Fall 2013.
For the project schematics, click here: Gardiner W current planting proposal
For the list of plants , click here: Plant List Gardiner revised