Garbage bin Roll out

Dear all,

Some of you have had questions about the new garbage bins that are arriving at our homes this fall. At the bottom of this post is a link to the detailed City of Toronto web page. There are a few highlights I wanted to address directly.

Toronto is converting to an entirely new way of collecting garbage and a new way of paying for our waste management system. Today, we collect the garbage bag and cans you put out at the curb and pay for the system from your property taxes. When the new bins arrive you will put them out and pay a separate waste charge the same way your pay current water.

Please note that we will be cutting garbage costs from property taxes. As a result property taxes will be reduced!

The change in collection and billing means that instead of everyone paying in regardless of how much waste they create, each household will pay based on the size of container they choose. In effect you pay for what you use.

Another issue many people have raised is their concern that the bins are too unwieldy. The bins are designed so they can be lifted and dumped by an automatic arm attached to City trucks. This will make collection faster, and will save considerable money and keep the garbage charge low. Also, the automatic arm will greatly reduce the number of injuries suffered by our waste collection workers.

The other determinant is the unfortunate fact that we generate too much waste. Prior to becoming your City Councillor I worked in the environmental movement. One of my main areas of expertise was waste management policy. During two decades of work I fought to get strong packaging laws from the federal and provincial governments. At one point I took Coca Cola all the way to the Supreme Court to attempt to reinstate a refillable bottle system in Ontario. I still feel that we allow too many disposable products and packages in the marketplace. The consequence for Toronto is while we do not have jurisdiction to reduce over-packaging we are required to collect and dispose of that material. This, more than anything, causes us to need large waste bins.

For more information on the new system please contact me either by phone or email, or check the City website at: