Free in-unit recycling containers for multi-unit dwelling customers

Apartments and condominiums currently recycle only 13% of their waste. To help multi unit dwellers and owners in their efforts to increase recycling at their buildings, the City is offering new in-unit recycling containers which you can order for free.

You have a choice of two different recycling container types designed to make it easier to recycle: a hard-shell blue box or a soft-shell blue bag. Residents can keep their new recycling container in a convenient location and use it to collect recyclables such as metal cans, glass bottles, plastic tubs and newspapers. Once full, residents can use the in-unit recycling container to carry the recyclables to your designated recycling area.

The new recycling containers will be delivered to building across the GTA over the next 12 months – for more information please contact your landlord. Your collection day remains the same.