Dogs in The City Campaign

Keeping dogs on leash and enjoying the outdoors safely

With more people outdoors enjoying Toronto during summer, the City has launched a public education campaign to remind residents about responsible dog ownership. From July 26, online and social media ads will run to remind residents that they need to:

  • Keep dogs leashed in public, unless in designated dogs off-leash areas:  Dogs must be kept on a leash no more than two metres long.
  • Stoop and scoop: Residents need to pick up after their dog and put dog waste in a Green Bin. The City has Green Bins for organic waste in all dog off-leash areas in parks, other select locations in parks and a few street litter bins that accept dog waste across the city.
  • Respect the natural environment: Dog owners should respect the natural environment in parks and trails. Dogs should be allowed off-leash only in dogs off-leash areas so that they don’t trample plants or chase wildlife.

More information is available at