Dental Care for Low Income Adults

For many marginalized groups living in Toronto, I believe that access to dental services as part of overall health care is severely limited. Poor oral health is a significant issue and is also major barrier to employment.

At the April 4th meeting of the Budget Committee, I introduced a motion requesting that additional revenues from waste management fees (city wide) be reallocated to the Expansion of the Toronto Dental Services Program. This motion was passed at the Budget Committee and has now been approved by Toronto City Council. The extra funds, as indicated in the motion, will go towards Parkdale Partners for Oral Health, SHOUT Clinic, Evergreen Youth Services and the Scarborough Urban Health Outreach Dental Clinic who are providing limited dental services to low/no income adults and street youth who cannot afford to pay for this service. This funding will increase the amount of dental services that Parkdale Partners for Oral Health will be able to provide for the Parkdale community.