Community Police Liaison Committee Recruitment


The 11 Division Community Police Liaison Committee or CPLC is actively seeking new members.  They are looking for anyone who is interested in getting involved in their community with energy, knowledge and ideas.  Everyone is welcome.


“This committee is composed of representatives from the community, business, youth, and police. We are dedicated to increasing safety and security for the public by identifying community and policing concerns. Our members live or work within the 11 Division geographical area. We have a voice in local policing initiatives and are part of the decision making process. The Committee meets once a month or as required usually at the divisional police station or a community facility.”


What The CPLC does:


  • Identify and increase public awareness of crime issues.



  • Develop and organize community information meetings and workshops related to crime prevention and public safety



  • Share information and establish linkages with other organizations concerned with community and public safety
  • Increase dialogue between the community and police to address issues relating to crime, disorder, and violence
  • Be available to members of the community
  • Arrange community information meetings
  • Provide inclusive consultation with the community and police in problem solving



  • Provide support for various programs and activities to achieve and maintain a safe community


For more information contact 11 Division at:

Phone: 416-808-1119 / E-mail: