City Of Toronto T.O. INview Website Update For 2013



“The City of Toronto has added 2013 information to its website for the public to get a preliminary look at planned capital construction work taking place across the city.

T.O. INview – short for Toronto Infrastructure Viewer – enables viewers to quickly determine what work is planned in their community and get a sense of its likely impact locally.

The map highlights scheduled infrastructure construction being carried out by City divisions, including Transportation Services, Toronto Water and City Planning, as well as by transit authorities and utility companies.

New for 2013 and available now is information from Economic Development and Culture and Parks, Forestry and Recreation, in addition to details about cycling infrastructure proposed by Transportation Services.

T.O. INview provides details about the type of work planned, such as road resurfacing or watermain reconstruction, and is designed to improve the co-ordination of projects – with the goal of more efficient capital spending and greater convenience for the public.

T.O. INview can be accessed at

T.O. INview features planned road work but not emergency/short-term work. That kind of information is available at, the City’s road restrictions web page, which is a source of information about short-term construction work as well as special events affecting Toronto roads.”