City of Toronto begins sweeping streets this week as part of spring cleanup

Beginning this week, street sweepers are busy cleaning up dirt and debris from Toronto’s streets to help keep roadways clean and safe.

Street sweeping is taking place during the day and in the evenings, servicing both neighbourhood and main roads throughout April. Street sweeping helps to remove dust, dirt and other contaminants that would otherwise enter the environment. It also assists in improving the overall air quality and is an important part of Toronto’s flood prevention strategy, since litter and debris are removed from roadway catch basins.

During COVID-19, the City of Toronto continues to operate essential and critical services to keep Toronto functioning, like ensuring a clean and safe water supply, solid waste services, maintaining infrastructure, and emergency services.

This year, a new fleet of 32 street sweeping vehicles will complement the existing fleet of 17 vehicles that are currently on the roads. City staff will be trained on the new vehicles starting the week of April 20, so they can be fully deployed later this spring. These vehicles are highly efficient and effective at sweeping debris from roads, include improvements that support operator use and overall vehicle maintenance and feature new safety equipment such as 360 degree cameras, better lighting, improved turning radius and high contrast yellow paint.

Once again, the City has contracted additional street sweeping vehicles throughout April to help clear Toronto’s busiest roads of heavy dirt and debris following the winter season.

City of Toronto street sweepers are responsible for cleaning more than 5,600 km of Toronto streets throughout the spring, summer and fall months. Toronto’s busiest roads – expressways and main (collector and arterial) roads – are swept regularly to support a safer and cleaner city.