City Hall Update

Dear Friends,

Today the Chief of Police confirmed the existence of a video which we have been told involves the Mayor doing and saying things that no elected official should. Additionally, a series of very disturbing documents have been released. This is sad and worrying. I wanted to write to you to share a few thoughts.

First, Toronto is a wonderful City today, and it will still be a wonderful City tomorrow. Toronto, the home we share, is also a place we can make better if we work together. I have spent much of the day talking with colleagues and that idea of working together for a better City is broadly shared.

Second, I want to reassure you that the governance of the City goes on. I have tremendous confidence in our public service and know that the good work they do every day will continue. Also, we have very robust procedures and laws for continuing to govern whatever course Mayor Ford takes. The business of the City will continue.

Finally, elected office is an enormous privilege and a profound responsibility. Acting dishonestly and divisively is damaging to everyone in the City. I hope the Mayor keeps that in mind as he decides what to do next.

If you have thoughts or concerns I and my staff are, as always, available.