CampTO for Summer 2022

Posted on April 8, 2022

The City of Toronto’s CampTO and Adapted CampTO is back this year with traditional and specialty programs for children ages four to 16 years. Make fun memories close to home with physical activities, arts and crafts, nature-based programs and outdoor activities in parks.

CampTO Plus is also available for children interested in a particular specialty such as arts, cooking, creative writing, drama, dance, science and sport.

Registration begins on Tuesday, April 12 and camps run from July 4 to September 2.

More information is available at

Our Plan Toronto – Environment and Climate Change Open House

Posted on April 8, 2022

On April 12, 2022, City Planning will be holding a city-wide virtual public Open House to hear your thoughts on the draft policy directions related to the Environment and Climate Change.

As the City moves into the final phase of engagement for the Official Plan review they will review and discuss draft policy updates that were approved for consultation by the Planning and Housing Committee on March 25th (Item PH 32.6)

Join one of the Virtual Open Houses to learn more and ask questions about the draft policies related to the Environment and Climate Change.

For more information please visit:

Open House details:

Open House details:
Tuesday April 12, 2022: Afternoon (3:00pm-4:00pm) please register here 
Tuesday April 12, 2022: Evening (6:30pm-8:00pm) please register here

Both meetings will have the same content and format of a presentation followed by a Question & Answer period and a discussion with our City staff panel.



Residents reminded not to feed wildlife

Posted on March 3, 2022

For everyone’s safety, including wildlife, remember to NEVER feed wild animals. If you are feeding wildlife, either intentionally or accidently, you are putting your family, neighbours, pets and wildlife at risk and you are doing more harm than good.

Feeding wild animals increases their presence and causes them to become more tolerant of people, creating problems for both our neighbourhoods and the wildlife. Letting animals use their own natural instincts to forage and hunt higher quality food on their own is the only kindness they need. Remember these important tips:

  • Never feed wildlife and don’t leave food, including pet food, outside.
  • Properly dispose of waste at home and in parks.
  • Do not approach wildlife, their dens or their young.
  • Do not touch wildlife, even if they appear tame, sick or injured.
  • Keep dogs on leash and away from wild animals.

Contact 311 if you see someone feeding coyotes as it is against the Parks Bylaw. For more information visit:

Consultations on Reducing Single-Use & Takeaway Items

Posted on March 3, 2022

Have your say on how to reduce single-use and takeaway items in the City of Toronto. Take the online survey by March 6!

A single-use or takeaway item is any product designed for a single use after which it is disposed of in the garbage, Blue Bin (recycling) or Green Bin (organics). Typically, these products are not designed for durability or reuse. Examples include checkout bags and beverage cups.

Your feedback will help to inform a report that will be considered by the Infrastructure and Environment Committee in spring 2022. This report will present the final proposed Single-Use and Takeaway Items Reduction Strategy Stage 2 mandatory measures (e.g., fees or “ask-first/by-request” bylaw), additional items to be addressed through the strategy, and timelines.

If you were unable to attend one of the virtual meetings held in February, or are unable to complete the online survey, you can provide feedback by emailing us at, leaving a message at 416-392-3760 or mailing it to us at:

Solid Waste Management Services

City of Toronto

City Hall, 100 Queen Street West

25th Floor East Tower

Toronto, ON M5G 1P5

Register for Recreation Programs with the City

Posted on February 24, 2022

Spring Recreation Registration

Registration for City of Toronto spring recreation programs opens on March 5 and 7. Residents can have fun, learn a new skill and stay active with thousands of programs across sports, fitness, swimming, arts and general interest. Some new programs for spring include outdoor Pilates, outdoor Tai Chi, and outdoor yoga.

Residents are asked to plan ahead and confirm the district for their programs before registration starts. Visit for more information.

March Break CampTO

Not long to go until March Break! Registration is open for #CampTO, including in-person and online camp experiences for ages four to 12 and adapted programs for ages six and over. Camps take place from March 14-18. Learn more:

Information on Music Venue Property Tax Program

Posted on February 10, 2022

Attention live music venues in Ward 4: Applications are due end of day February 14 for the City’s “Creative Co-location Facilities Tax Subclass” program for 2022. This program provides up to 50% in property tax relief to eligible live music venues.

Qualifying venues must be able to prove that, pre-pandemic, they met these criteria:

  • present live music performances on average 3 times a week throughout the year
  • pay the musicians
  • provide infrastructure needed for live music
  • employ people whose jobs support the live music operations

The full eligibility criteria can be found here – under the Live Music Venues drop-down. If you have never applied to this program before, please email to indicate your interest in applying, then download and submit an application form (available via the link above) before end of day February 14, along with as much of the supporting documentation as you can supply. (City staff will follow up if anything’s missing.) Successful applicants from last year need only provide a brief attestation on the application form as well as the property owner’s signature.

Please note that although we recognize that many hospitality businesses are facing challenges, this opportunity is focused only on those that feature live music as a key part of their business model.

Supporting ‘A Path Forward’ recommendations on encampments

Posted on July 23, 2021

I am appalled at the actions of clearing encampments and the escalated violence that has taken place during those actions over the last few weeks, including yesterday at Lamport.

The City of Toronto has a responsibility to support the needs of everyone in our city, especially our most vulnerable residents. We have a duty to ensure that everyone has access to safe shelter and permanent supportive housing. Encampments are not a safe housing solution. The structures are unsafe. Living outdoors for extended periods is not a path to good health.

How we approach the efforts to house individuals in encampments is crucial.

I have signed on to a letter addressed to Mayor Tory that calls for the immediate adoption of the Path Forward recommendations endorsed by over 207 individuals and organizations calling on a Human Rights approach towards Encampment residents.

We must focus our efforts on connecting people with spaces where they have the health supports and amenities they need.


Open Letter to Mayor Tory – Ending Police Enforcement of Encampment Clearings

Posted on July 23, 2021

Friday, July 23, 2021

Dear Mayor Tory,

We believe the Moss Park encampment will be moved and acted upon in the weeks ahead. This clearing comes on the heels of two days of escalating tensions between Toronto Police, encampment residents, and their supporters.

In advance of this imminent clearing, we demand an end to the violence and extreme show of force. There is absolutely no need for batons, pepper spray or even guns, not when the work should be done by the City’s Streets to Home staff and other outreach workers. 

We call upon you to immediately adopt the Path Forward recommendations contained in the open letter submitted to you on July 9. It was endorsed by over 207 organizations and individuals calling for a human rights approach in resolving the conflicts that are emerging out of the encampments.

We are also disturbed to hear from members of the media that they were obstructed from reporting on these actions. Any suppression of the press and their right to access the events directly and in-person is undemocratic and unconstitutional.

We all want the same outcomes – an end to homelessness and safe housing for everyone. The escalating tension and police violence run completely counter to that outcome.

Mayor Tory, your approach to encampments does not effectively resolve the challenge we face, as you are only moving people experiencing homelessness from the parks to laneways, under bridges or into another park. Absolutely no one voted for this extreme show of force that keeps happening under your authority.

We all recognize that a tent will never be a suitable replacement for a home but an alternative approach must be taken, as we can not accept more violence and conflict.

We are asking you to work with us to build a City that we can truly be proud of. Before it’s too late, we desperately urge you to adopt a nonviolent approach to ending the encampments.



Councillor Carroll

Councillor Layton

Councillor Matlow

Councillor Perks

Councillor Wong-Tam

Dogs in The City Campaign

Posted on July 22, 2021

Keeping dogs on leash and enjoying the outdoors safely

With more people outdoors enjoying Toronto during summer, the City has launched a public education campaign to remind residents about responsible dog ownership. From July 26, online and social media ads will run to remind residents that they need to:

  • Keep dogs leashed in public, unless in designated dogs off-leash areas:  Dogs must be kept on a leash no more than two metres long.
  • Stoop and scoop: Residents need to pick up after their dog and put dog waste in a Green Bin. The City has Green Bins for organic waste in all dog off-leash areas in parks, other select locations in parks and a few street litter bins that accept dog waste across the city.
  • Respect the natural environment: Dog owners should respect the natural environment in parks and trails. Dogs should be allowed off-leash only in dogs off-leash areas so that they don’t trample plants or chase wildlife.

More information is available at

August 2022