Audi Advertising in High Park

Yesterday, visitors to High Park were confronted with an unfamiliar sight: advertising in parks. Audi, a European car manufacturer, arranged with Toronto Film & Television Office to launch an advertising campaign at various locations across the City. I soon become aware of the two “T” like structures, on top of wooden blocks that were placed in High Park, on the north side of Lakeshore Ward 13 (Parkside Drive near Garden Avenue).

While I was aware that this park is not in my Ward, I immediately wrote to the General Manager of Parks, Forestry and Recreation to stress my disapproval of any type of advertising in the City’s green spaces. I asked that these structures be removed as soon as possible. Last night Parks staff removed the two Audi structures and advised that Parks, Forestry and Recreation did not issue a permit for the promotion campaign and was not contacted by the Toronto Film & Television Office prior to installation.

A big thank you to residents in the area and Spacing for their vigilance!