Apartment Buildings: New bylaw requirements from April 1

Amendments to the Apartment Buildings bylaw are coming into effect starting April 1, 2021. All RentSafeTO apartment building owners and operators will be required to:

  • Post information about waste management on the tenant notification board.  Building owners/operators need to post information on garbage, recycling and, if applicable, organics, such as accepted items and location of collection bins.
  • Develop and maintain the capital plan for each apartment buildings using a template provided by the City. The Capital Plan Template will be provided by the City as of April 1 and will be available at the RentSafeTO for Building Owners webpage.
  • Provide a valid email address to the City and keep all contact information on file up to date. Moving forward, the City will provide written communication and notices related to properties via email. To receive these communications, building owners/operators need to provide and keep up to date valid email addresses through the RentSafeTO registration and renewal portal.

More information is available at toronto.ca/RentSafeTO.