A new look for the Parkdale Village BIA

Message from the PVBIA:

Today, you can see that Parkdale has undergone a renaissance, a rebirth as a unique and vibrant neighbourhood that delights, that enthralls, that welcomes visitors seeking exciting and wonderful sensations.

Wander along Queen Street West between Dufferin Street and Roncesvalles Avenue. The sights and sounds will entice you to take a closer look; the tastes, aromas and touchables will make you linger and return, again and again.

The PVBIA has been working diligently over the past several months to complete a series of projects that will enhance and enliven the neighbourhood. We have been involved in streetscape changes that will beautify the area with modern feeling pedestrian scale lighting; which will increase the feeling of safety, while adding to the esthetic of the street. The first phase will include 18 lights and will be installed beginning in October. Nuit Blanche 2009 marked the third year of active involvement by the BIA and the first year we’ve had the luxury of having the services of noted curator Dave Dyment on board for this year’s installment. Dave Dyment’s “No Melatonin”will feature over twenty separate installations and performances.

Additionally the BIA has been going through a re-branding the image of the Parkdale Village to entice visitors to “Look again and see it for the first time “. Tall Poppy, a local advertising firm has been creating a series of postcards, posters, and brochures that highlight the wonderful mix of cultures and curiosities that make up our area. The first of these new brand items is a new logo for Parkdale, one that says: “It’s not business as usual on Queen West between Dufferin and Roncesvalles“. The goal was to create something that speaks to the one-of-a-kind, slightly off from the norm lifestyle that exists when you come up the hill east from Roncesvales, or travel through the underpass at Dufferin.

The PVBIA has attached this new brand image to a wonderful re-useable shopping bag that we have been giving away FREE to area residents and visitors who join our contact list. The bags are made of Jute, a high-quality natural fiber similar to Flax, Ramie or Hemp; with proceeds from its manufacturing going towards supporting Windfall Clothing an award winning charity founded in 1991 which assist homeless and emergency shelters meet their clients’ needs for new clothing. The bags were unveiled at the Queen West Art Crawl and were available on Nuit Blanche to visitors to the district.

We are extremely proud of efforts of our members and area residents who have participated on all levels of planning and implementing the current list of projects that the BIA has taken upon itself.

As Parkdale continues to grow and change over the coming months we invite all Torontonians to get to know some of the new businesses and rediscover the wonderful familiar sights, sounds, culinary tastes and aromas of our unique business district.

Please visit our website www.parkdalevillagebia.com for more information.

To see the new PVBIA logo follow this link:pvbia-logo-new.pdf