A message from the Toronto West Bend Community Association

The TWBCA released this message on September 24th, 2013


We have our “Neighbourhood say day” at the OMB!

Thanks to all who appeared at the Ontario Municipal Board hearing yesterday. We have secured a date for neighbourhood residents to voice our concerns and opinions about the tall tower proposal. The Board has set aside the afternoon of Wednesday, October 2nd to hear from participants.

While the entire three week proceedings are open to the public, next Wednesday’s participant session will be the the only remaining opportunity we have as the general public to affect the outcome of the hearing. You will hear your neighbours speak to protect the area from rampant over-development and you can support sensible community-involved urban planning practices simply by being present!

The residents and businesses in the area have invested hundreds of hours into developing an Official Plan for appropriate development and intensification of our neighbourhood. It is the developer’s position that their tower proposal will have no impact on this neighbourhood and that the Avenue Study was not a legitimate planning exercise. Attending the hearing in numbers shows that we really do care about this neighbourhood we call home. We will be speaking to the fact that a developer’s quest for increased profits must not come at the expense of proper planning and the long-term stability of Toronto’s residential neighbourhoods.

The participant session will take place at the OMB offices at 655 Bay St. (NE corner of Bay & Elm) on the 16th floor. It will begin at 2pm. Everybody is encouraged to attend whether or not you intend to speak. It is ultimately community engagement that stands in the way of developers trampling over our neighbourhoods and every single person in attendance makes a difference to further our cause.