A Message From Councillor Gord Perks

You may have heard the awful slur one of my colleagues has made against our wonderful neighbourhood. I want to say how saddened I am that Parkdale has been attacked this way.

As we all know Parkdale is the kind of community everyone in Toronto admires. We are economically, socially, and culturally diverse. We accept and welcome and love each other. If the rest of Toronto were more like Parkdale, Toronto would be an even better place to live.

Many of my colleagues have already contacted me to see how they can help stand up for our great neighbourhood. You may be hearing from some of them in the media. Rest assured this attack comes from one irresponsible voice.

Here’s a suggestion for finding a silver lining: I am inviting everyone to send the reason they love Parkdale to
councillor_perks@toronto.ca I will be posting your words on www.gordperks.ca

#ParkdaleLove Responses so far:

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I lived in Parkdale for years, and I miss it. I love the Tibetan restaurants, the vintage shops, the proximity to Lake Ontario, and the diverse, vibrant communities that call it home.

The diversity, the fact I can walk 5 minutes from Queen and Roncesvalles and hit either High Park or our beautiful waterfront. It is a jewel in our city.

Thank you,


I love the wonderful music and restaurant scene in Parkdale. On any given night artists are at work, and hungry crowds enjoy the plethora of options from the diverse variety of cultures. From the grassroots work of the West End Food Co-op to provide farm-to-table options to the environmentally sound choices of the restaurants in the area (i.e. Cowbell), Parkdale has something to offer each and every visitor. I’m proud and lucky to live so close to such a wonderful and vibrant community.



I’m actually a Junctionite but I spend a lot of time in Roncy and Parkdale because of its vibrant restaurants, unique vintage clothing stores, Sunnyside Beach (the best beach in Toronto!) and the local arts scene. Viva la Parkdale!


Our community is a rich, vibrant, multi-ethnic neighbourhood in which people of all different walks of life and people who have mental health issues are not marginalized, as they would be in other parts of the city. I think the fact that our neighbourhood’s great diversity, not only in terms of culture and ethnicity, but also in terms of race, class, and ability, is its greatest asset. It’s my favourite part of the city to live in, by far. It’s resisted a lot of gentrification, as well, unlike other neighbourhoods, which have forced out people who have been unable to keep up with rising costs of living and less affordable housing. I’m a proud Parkdalian!

– Lisa

Because it is a safe haven from Starbucks.

Because rent is low enough I can live downtown, enjoy walking to art galleries and lakes and continue to work in a social justice organization.

Because people diversity = food diversity: from food co-ops to hipster bars to food banks to ethnic food to PARC’s daily meal service & Cowan-Masaryk Christmas turkeys to community gardens – nobody goes hungry.

Because it is walkable and also serviced by many transit lines.
Because Toronto Tool Library.

Because everything from Rails (programming social) nites to poetry readings to gallery pop-ups to activism happens within walking distance of my house.

Because our community provides: from legal aid to PARC to the holistic approach of the Parkdale Community Health Centre.

Because Marilyn Bell Park.
Because we co-exist.

–       Naomi

People in the neighbourhood are generous with others. Three years ago when the Parkdale Community Food Bank nearly went under, residents pitched in to raise more than $100, 000 to go towards rent and keeping the lights on and fridges running. We were so grateful to be able to continue to provide this much needed service.

–          Shannon

There are so many reasons to love the neighbourhood. I can start with the wonderful restaurants, to the wonderful shops and the wonderful parks. I regularly cycle through Parkdale and so enjoy going through all the side streets with the  beautiful housing architecture. Parkdale is a neighbourhood with character. Don’t ever change.

–          Claude