2376 Dundas West [OMB Decision]

The OMB decision on 2376 Dundas Street West, attached, was issued on March 19, 2014.

In summary, the Board has allowed for an 8 storey mid-rise building along Dundas Street West with a 23 storey component at the rear of the site.

The Board concluded that the size and location of the site in proximity to the transit facilities justified the height and density of residential units sought by the applicant.

The Board accepted the appellant’s position that it would not be a precedent “because the subject property is unlike any other site in the area due to its size, its location well removed and buffered from any other neighbourhood (unlike the Giraffe site), its direct connectivity to the Metrolinx and TTC stations, its designation as a Mobility Hub”.

The Board did impose those Section 37 matters that had been offered by the appellant and which are set out in Appendix 1 to the form of zoning by-law attached to the Board’s order, which all relate to the TTC/Metrolinx connection and drop-off.

Community members were very engaged in the process to find an acceptable proposal at this site and I am sure will be disappointed with this decision.

I particularly want to thank those community members who worked to engage their neighbours and came to the OMB to share their vision for reasonable development. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our community.


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For the full document on the OMB decision, please click here .