6 Noble Street Pre-Application Community Meeting Minutes

Pre-Application Community Meeting: June 20, 2016

Toronto Public Library – Parkdale

Presentation from Developer 6 Noble Street Developments, click here:

Community comments/concerns with application:

  • Building height and density; building should reflect the character of the neighbourhood and integrate well into the surrounding housing. Current proposal (14 storeys + mechanical penthouse) is taller than the community is comfortable with
  • Overflow of parking into surrounding area
  • Increased traffic in neighbourhood
  • Adequate bicycle parking
  • Suggestions of a possible community run bike repair facility to be included in the building
  • Concerns about the price point of the units being built; the developer says it is seeking to build units that are affordable for the neighbourhood
  • Pedestrian crossing safety with consideration towards the Queen/Dufferin intersection
  • Capacity of TTC to deal with increased patronage
  • Concern about construction length, with developer estimating 18-24 month construction period
  • What are the effects going to be in the neighbourhood of three large buildings going up at once?


July 4, 2016