57 Brock Avenue Staff Direction Report


On Wednesday, February 22nd, a Request for Direction Report: 57 Brock Avenue, prepared by City Planning staff, will be introduced at Toronto and East York Community Council (TEYCC). Information on this request can be found here: http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/viewAgendaItemHistory.do?item=2017.TE22.10

The rezoning application proposes to redevelop the site currently occupied by a Beer Store and parking lot with a 7-storey residential building containing 106 units. A total of 73 parking spaces will be provided in two levels at and above grade, including 16 visitor spaces, 108 bicycle spaces, and 22 short-term bicycle spaces. The building will have a height of 23.45 metres (28.9 to the top of the mechanical penthouse).

Information on the application is available on-line at: http://app.toronto.ca/DevelopmentApplications/associatedApplicationsList.do?action=init&folderRsn=3982741&isCofASearch=false, Supporting Documentation.

This report will recommend that City Council direct the City Solicitor to oppose the appeal of the 57 Brock Avenue Development application at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) hearing but to also work with the owner to enter into a settlement should the opportunity arise. I will be supporting the Direction Report at TEYCC.

Community meetings have been held about this application. At both meetings, local residents shared concerns with the proposed development.

Remaining concerns raised by the community include:

  1. The overall height, mass, and density of the proposal
  2. Its ability to integrate with the surrounding neighbourhood visually and otherwise, including its proximity to the street
  3. Deficiency of outdoor amenity space and green space
  4. Interactions with pedestrians and the public realm and its effects on the street level
  5. Effects on nearby traffic and parking and servicing
  6. Amount and location of short term bicycle parking on streets
  7. Lack of linearity with front sight lines of adjacent housing

No hearing date has yet been scheduled for the OMB. My office will communicate any further information as it becomes available.