422 Roncesvalles & 76 Howard Park Ave Update


The development proposal for 422-436 Roncesvalles and 76 Howard Park Avenue was scheduled to be heard at the Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) yesterday.

The developer and City Planning have settled the matter without a hearing. The settlement, approved by the OMB, results in an 8 storey building with a height of 25.45 m. The building will meet the angular plane guidelines.

The Townhouses located on Howard Park Avenue will now be located on the west side of the laneway rather than the east side. The townhouses have been reduced in height from 4 storeys to 3 storeys and reduced in number from 6 to 4 units. The integral garages have been removed. Parking will be under the mail building.

Both parties have been requested to submit a terms of settlement to the OMB. My office will share this information once available.

The final order from the OMB is withheld until revised plans are resubmitted by the developer and site serving is addressed.

City staff will use the revised plans to draft zoning bylaws. The OMB will then approve the bylaw.

The Community Working Group was very engaged in the process to find an acceptable proposal at this site. Thank you for your ongoing commitment to our community. I would also like to acknowledge the community members who came to the OMB for the day.