421 Roncesvalles Update


Toronto City Council has passed By-law No. 716-2017, designating 421 Roncesvalles Avenue as a site of heritage or cultural value/interest. This designation came into effect as of August 23, 2017. Located at the south east corner of Roncesvalles and Howard Park, the building was originally constructed as a branch of the Dominion Bank by Toronto’s great architect and urban designer John Lyle in 1914.

Furthermore, the owner, Propellor Developments Inc, has submitted an appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board. The nature of the appeal is based on a non-decision from City Council within a 120-day period of the applications submission. There is no set hearing date, however, you can track the case on the OMB website here.

We will provide you with further information as it becomes available to us.