3194-3206 Dundas St West: LPAT appeal

I wanted to give you an important update on the development proposal at 3194-3206 Dundas St West. I have been informed by the City Clerk’s Office and our Planning Department that earlier this week the proponent appealed their application to the Local Planning Appeals Tribunal (LPAT), formerly known as the OMB.

As you may remember in December 2019 a pre-application meeting was held for this potential development site, with a formal application being submitted in June 2020.  Following the preliminary report, community consultation, and comments from City Staff, the proponent submitted new plans in December 2020.  While this update addressed some of the City’s issues, major outstanding concerns remain, including the massing of the building and proximity to neighbouring properties.  These concerns have yet to be addressed by the proponent.

City Planning Staff are still open to finding a solution with the applicant, and discussions can continue up until the hearing. Should the applicant and the City fail to reach an agreement prior to the hearing, a negative staff report will be sent to Council, directing City Legal to fight this case at the LPAT. While the scheduling of a hearing is at the discretion of the LPAT, due to the slowdown at the beginning of the pandemic, we are finding most cases are being heard a full year after an appeal is made. 

As always, we will let you know of further information as it becomes available.  Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office.

Best regards,