Public Consultation for Review of Parking Requirements for New Developments

Posted on May 27, 2021

Requirements for automobile and bike parking in newly erected or enlarged buildings are identified in the city-wide Zoning By-law 569-2013. On January 19, 2021, Planning and Housing Committee (PH20.4) asked staff to review these requirements to better align them with the objectives of the City’s Official Plan. The Review is guided by the principle that parking standards should allow only the maximum amount of automobile parking reasonably required for a given use and minimums should be avoided except where necessary to ensure equitable access, such as for accessible parking or in areas which would be difficult to serve with transit.

The City will be hosting a series of online public consultation meetings starting June 1 to gather feedback that will inform recommendations for revised parking standards.

To learn more about the process or to participate in the consultations, visit the City’s webpage

Report on Sidewalk snow clearing to all neighbourhoods will be at Council in June

Posted on May 27, 2021

The City of Toronto’s Infrastructure & Environment Committee today approved the proposed plan to expand sidewalk snow clearing to all neighbourhoods in the city starting this upcoming 2021-22 winter season. City Council will consider the report at its meeting of June 8 to 9.

Following a successful snow clearing trial program over each of the last two winters, City staff recommended the expansion of the service to improve safety for residents in winter, provide more equitable snow clearing service to all areas of the city, and support improved accessibility.

The Committee also requested that City staff explore the use of the new winter maintenance equipment, purchased as part of the recent Sidewalk Winter Maintenance Trial, on other active transportation infrastructure to see whether it meets operational requirements. Specifically, trials would occur on multi-use pathways and on bike lanes currently without physical separation, which could be serviced with the new equipment.

If the plan is approved by Council, all homes in the city would receive winter snow clearing service on their sidewalks. This would mean that more than 103,000 households would be added to the program — 91 per cent of city sidewalks would receive mechanical sidewalk snow clearing and, due to sidewalk obstructions and narrow spaces, nine per cent would be manually cleared. This compares to approximately 85 per cent of sidewalks in the city currently cleared by sidewalk plows, with approximately 15 per cent not cleared by plows.

The budget-conscious proposal calls for the City to purchase new equipment, including the necessary smaller sidewalk plows, to expand the service beyond the more than 6,000 kilometres of sidewalks which currently receive the service to all 7,300 kilometres of sidewalks in Toronto. The proposed investment would make Toronto only the third major winter city in North America, along with Montreal and Ottawa, to employ a city-wide sidewalk snow clearing program.

The Mechanical Sidewalk Winter Maintenance Trial report is available at

More information on the sidewalk trial, including a public presentation, is available at:


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