FMTA Virtual Tenant School

Posted on January 28, 2021

Federation of Metro Tenants Associations is hosting free legal workshops or tenants via Zoom.


You do not have to attend every workshop.

To register and receive your Zoom invite, go to for the online registration form or contact Joeita Gupta at or 416-413-9442. For more information: . Register now!

TTC 5-Year Fare Policy Survey

Posted on January 28, 2021

The TTC and York Region Transit (YRT) are working together to develop a new 5-Year Fare Policy and 10-Year Fare Collection Outlook.

As part of this process, the TTC and YRT will be reviewing changes and improvements to the way customers pay their fare, including fare options that are available for people to use, pricing and cross-boundary travel. This is an important project that will work to improve the overall customer experience and create a simple and consistent fare system, for both the TTC and YRT

More information available on .

Make your voice heard by participating in a 5 to 10-minute survey through one of the options below:


My thoughts on the proposed 2021 City Budget

Posted on January 28, 2021

On Monday, February 8 at 7:00 pm I will be discussing the budget with a group of community leaders.
To attend, register at

The ongoing, global pandemic has exposed the deep inequalities in our City.

As we prepare the City’s 2021 budget, Toronto is in a position to make a historic new pact with the federal and provincial governments to use the recovery from COVID to achieve a strong, sustainable, and inclusive Toronto. Our habit of thinking small may cause us to miss the moment and make the City’s problems worse. It is time for Toronto to act; together we must push for change.

For a decade Toronto’s budgets have emphasized keeping property taxes low. This was a choice not to invest in services that would have made Toronto a fairer city. When the Pandemic hit, the people those budgets left behind paid the highest price. Black, Indigenous and racialized Torontonians have been much more likely to contract COVID. Women have been hit harder economically. People with low incomes have been hit with higher COVID rates and more devastating economic consequences. The number of people without a home has skyrocketed.

This should be the moment when Toronto changes course. It should be the year when we realize that the consequences of inequality are devastating and we start investing in that fairer Toronto. The budget that is on its way to Council for 2021 does not help our neighbours. Instead of “building back better”, Toronto is about to build back the same flawed system, but with even less money. It’s unacceptable, and Torontonians must take this moment to come together to fight for a fairer City.

Twenty-seven of our city’s daycare centres have permanently closed, with over forty more still unsure of their future. We are currently not housing 6000 people in Toronto. The TTC tells us that the proposed budget does not provide for buying the buses, streetcars and subway trains we will need to bring service back up to pre-pandemic levels. This budget will cause us to fall behind on implementing our climate plan. Despite promises made last summer, we will not see any meaningful steps toward replacing policing with services that solve problems in more just ways.

The only path out is to get financial help from the federal and provincial governments. The budget assumes we will receive $1.6 Billion in emergency pandemic funding, half of what is currently being offered. We are simply assuming the rest will come. Here is the critical issue and opportunity. By publicly assuming that Ottawa and Queen’s Park will give us money they haven’t yet committed, Toronto is putting the ball in their court. We are saying that if they don’t come up with that money, they own the consequences. This is not the case, we, the residents of Toronto, will all own the consequences.

If we are willing to create political pressure on those governments to build back a little worse, why are we not willing to put pressure on them to build a future that includes everyone? If we want women to be able to get back to work we need childcare. If we want to eliminate homelessness we need to buy vacant hotel and apartment units for housing. If we want to stop climate change we need to invest in climate mitigating housing and transportation systems. If we want to get around a crowded City we need buses, streetcars and subway trains. If we want to create an economy which does not act as a structure for reinforcing racism we need to invest in ways that create real equality.

Economists everywhere are saying that governments should use their central banks to prevent a deep post-COVID depression. Even the International Monetary Fund, which has for decades been the tool for imposing austerity on struggling economies, has talked about the need for governments to invest and stimulate a strong recovery.

It will benefit Ottawa and Queen’s Park if we make a real ask of them. At present the federal government is investing record amounts to support people who cannot work. That obligation does not end when everyone is vaccinated. If women cannot get to work because the child care system collapsed in 2021, it will cost all levels of government. If we still have huge numbers of people without homes, it will cost all levels of government. If Black, Indigenous and racialized Torontonians are still shut out of economic opportunity, it will cost all levels of government. If people can’t get to work because of a shrunken TTC, and we don’t meet our climate targets, it will cost all levels of government.

As a City, we must take action if we want the economy to rebound in a strong, sustainable and inclusive way. We must tell the governments who have the fiscal capacity what it will cost them to make it happen, and demand they do it.  The proposed 2021 City budget does not build towards these goals, so we must work together for a change.


Masaryk Cowan open hours extended

Posted on January 28, 2021

Masaryk Cowan will be extending it’s operational hours to support the Parkdale community especially during the colder months.

New hours will be effective until March 31, 2021.

Hours of operation are as follows:

Monday- Friday 9am-9pm
Saturday 9-5pm
Sunday 9-6pm

Report on the CaféTO program to help local restaurants

Posted on January 21, 2021

A report that recommends an expanded CaféTO program starting this spring to help Toronto’s main street restaurants and bars during the ongoing pandemic will be considered at the meeting of Executive Committee on Wednesday, January 27.

It outlines key findings and outcomes along with recommendations on how to ensure the program is bigger and better this year.

During the summer of 2020 when outdoor dining was permitted, CaféTO helped hundreds of restaurant and bar operators by making it easier to open patios in curb lanes and along sidewalks, expand them and access additional space for physical distancing. The space helped operators generate revenue and enliven nearby public spaces.

The report indicates that the City would again work closely with BIAs and local restaurant and bar operators and make the following enhancements including:

  • Updating the registration process so that it is even more clear and straightforward. Registrations would start as early as February.
  • Developing comprehensive and safe traffic management plans – to help make sure the curb lane cafés are as a safe as possible for people dining, employees and people using the road.
  • Supporting quick CaféTO installations – so that we can begin helping approved businesses as soon as possible once winter is over.
  • Allowing owner/operators to build decks and platforms for curb lane café areas, where applicable.
  • Ensuring there is accessible furniture for public parklet areas.

As described in the report, within a revised registration process and contingent on prevailing public health orders, the first approved CaféTO curb lane closure locations for 2021 could be in installed as early as May – almost two months earlier than last year.

The report also includes the outcomes of a City-led CaféTO survey. Approximately 2,800 respondents comprising restaurant and bar owners/operators and members of the public, indicated the following:

  • 95 per cent of respondents want to see CaféTO operate in 2021.
  • 90 per cent of those surveyed were very satisfied or satisfied with their patio experience.
  • 66 per cent of operators said their restaurant would not have been financially viable without CaféTO.

In 2020, CaféTO supported 801 restaurants in 62 BIAs, as well as 96 restaurants outside of BIAs. An additional 44 public parklets in BIAs were activated. The 439 curb lane closures converted 9,683 metres of traffic lanes into new outdoor dining space for restaurants.

The report also includes details about the CurbTO program – another quick-start pandemic response program. In 2020, 108 Curb Lane Pedestrian Zones and 154 Temporary Parking and Pick up Zones (TPPZs) were installed. As of January 5, 2021, 113 TPPZs are in place. The report calls for City staff to be prepared to work with health officials and local business owners to continue the CurbTO program in a way that best supports prevailing public health direction and guidance.

The full CaféTO and CurbTO – Pandemic Response Programs report is available at


Sanitary Main Replacement in Etienne Brule Park

Posted on January 12, 2021

March 10, 2021

Construction Update: Etienne Brule Park Weekday Closure

The City of Toronto is replacing the sanitary forcemain (a pressurized sewer pipe that transports wastewater from a lower to higher elevation) through Etienne Brule Park and Home Smith Park, which has reached the end of its life cycle. The existing sanitary forcemain pipe beneath the river is nearly 60 years old and is in danger of failing. This work includes the construction of sewage valve chambers, shaft construction and microtunnelling (an efficient trenchless method for construction of small diameter tunnels) beneath the Humber River. It also involves connecting the new sanitary forcemain outside the existing Baby Point Sewage Pumping Station.

In order to ensure public safety during the construction, the City will be undertaking weekday closures at Etienne Brule Park. The park will be closed (Monday to Friday, excluding holidays) to pedestrians travelling near and through the active construction work zone. This closure will be in effect starting Monday March 15th and is expected to be completed in July of 2021. The construction zone occupies Etienne Brule Park between the Humber River and the Humber Ravine slope and the Humber River Recreational Trail and the park paths are required to move heavy machinery in and out of the construction site. The area of the park off-trail is not maintained and there is not a safe route for pedestrians. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused to the residents due to this closure.

This closure will only be in effect on weekdays (Monday to Friday). On weekends (Saturday to Sunday) and holidays, the park will be opened with an access path for pedestrians.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to our office at with any inquiries.

Please see below for more details about the closure, including a map of the location.

Etienne Brule Park Weekday Closure_Construction Update_March 10

January 11, 2021

The City of Toronto will replace the sanitary forcemain (a pressurized sewer pipe that transports wastewater from a lower to higher elevation) through Etienne Brule Park and Home Smith Park, which has reached the end of its life cycle.

This work will commence this January and is expected to be completed by May 2022. This work includes construction of sewage valve chambers, shaft construction, and microtunnelling (an efficient trenchless method for construction of small diameter tunnels) beneath the Humber River. It also involves connecting the new sanitary forcemain outside the existing Baby Point Sewage Pumping Station.

The construction work will proceed in stages and the entire work area may not be under construction at the same time. See below for more information on the project.FINAL_Baby Point Forcemain Replacement Construction Notice_Jan 11 2021

Toronto Water – Frozen Pipes Prevention

Posted on January 7, 2021

Cold weather can cause your water pipes to freeze, resulting in no water & expensive property damage. Take steps to protect your water pipes from freezing.

  • Know where to find your main water shut-off valve and how it works (in case your pipes burst).
  • Insulate pipes most prone to freezing, especially near outside walls and in crawl spaces, the attic and garage. This can be done with foam pipe covers available from building supply or home improvement stores.
  • Seal air leaks in your home and garage to stop cold air from getting in. Check around windows and doors, electrical wiring, dryer vents and pipes.
  • Outdoor faucets are the first to freeze. Unscrew any hoses, turn off the outdoor water supply and let the taps drain.
  • If your pipes are prone to freezing, there may be a problem you cannot see. Consider contacting a plumber for advice on how best to protect your home.
  • Commercial water customers – protect fire lines by wrapping all lines exposed to the cold

Learn more about how to prevent or thaw frozen pipes:



PollinateTO Community Grants deadline extended

Posted on January 7, 2021

The application deadline for the PollinateTO Community Grants has been extended from January 8 to January 18, 2021.

Through its PollinateTO grants program, the City funds pollinator habitat creation projects that educate and engage the community.

Up to $5,000 per project is available.

Are you interested in gardening and protecting pollinators? Would you like to:

  • Create pollinator gardens or rain gardens in your neighbourhood or at your school?
  • Enhance or expand existing gardens with native pollinator-friendly plants?

If you answered yes to any of the above, please apply to PollinateTO for funding to support your idea!

All resident-led groups are encouraged to apply. More information is available on the City website.

The deadline to apply is January 8, 2021.

TTC updates for Ward 4 – Parkdale High Park

Posted on January 7, 2021

Runnymede Station is TTC’s 50th Accessible Station! Please see the 3 page e-newsletter to see other highlights TTC updates in our ward

Ward 4 Councillor Perks TTC Update 2020-12
January 2021