1521 Queen St W Development Application

Posted on December 4, 2019

An application has been submitted to the City for a proposed rezoning at 1521 Queen St W. The applicant’s proposal is for a 25.9m 8-storey mixed-use building (plus a 5m mechanical penthouse) with 78 residential units, 72 bike parking spaces, and 3 car-share spaces. More detailed information about the proposal can be found here.

A pre-application community meeting was previously held in July 2019, details of which can be found here: gordperks.ca/location/1521-queen-street-west.

A community meeting will be held in the coming months to discuss this proposal with the community, gather further feedback, and provide an opportunity for community members to ask questions of the applicant, City Planning, and Councillor Perks.

My thoughts on the plan to increase property taxes

Posted on December 4, 2019

Today our Mayor proposed a plan to increase property taxes substantially over the next several years. It’s the right thing to do. Many people have been arguing for this since the Mayor first took office. He has not been kind to us.

What happened?

First, we have been honest. It has been obvious that our transit system is in decline because of under-spending, and that we need public investment to solve the housing crisis. In the long run honesty is the best approach to civic life.

Second, we have not allowed constant attacks on our ideas and integrity to silence us. It’s no fun being attacked but it’s something we have to stand up to in the current vicious political climate. When we are demonized for telling the truth, it shows we are getting somewhere.

Third, and most important, by speaking up we have gradually persuaded Torontonians that we face a stark choice, increase taxes or cut services. Together we created a social movement that grew and grew until it forced the Mayor to come down on our side.

If you have ever told anyone that you would rather pay more taxes than watch the City decline, today is your victory. Be proud, you’ve changed the way the Mayor thinks and put the City on a better path.

Now, on to the next struggle.


December 2019