Trash Talk – 2019 Garbage Rate and Rebate Changes

Posted on April 25, 2019

The rate that you pay for Solid Waste Management Services, such as recycling, organics and garbage collection, is based on the size of your Garbage Bin. Residents with the largest Garbage Bins pay the most and those with the smallest pay the least. This volume-based structure is designed to encourage people to reduce their garbage and divert as much away from landfill as possible through the City’s Blue Bin Recycling and Green Bin Organics Programs.

On March 7, 2019 as part of the 2019 Budget process, the City approved a rate increase of 2 per cent for single-family homes as well as the phasing out of the single-family rebates over three years. The phasing out of the rebates support Solid Waste Management Services’ transition to a self-sufficient and sustainable utility where operating expenses are fully covered by rate revenues.  Current solid waste bills will include an adjustment back to January 1, 2019 to reflect these changes.

To minimize the impact of rebate reductions on low-income ratepayers, a Single-Family Residential Low-Income Relief Program has been created. In 2019, the program will offer assistance to seniors or persons living with a disability who have a household income of $50,000 or less and either a small, medium or large Garbage Bin.

Based on audits done by the City, less than half of what is found in the garbage is actually garbage. The rest is items such as organics or recycling that could have been kept out of landfill. You can reduce your solid waste bill and environmental footprint by downsizing your Garbage Bin and properly sorting your waste.

To change your Bin size, call 311 or submit a request at

For more information on solid waste single-family rates and fees, visit garbage-bin-sizes-fees.

Public Open House – Policies to Address Loss of Dwelling Rooms – May 6, 2019

Posted on April 25, 2019

There will be a community consultation meeting on the proposed revisions to the polices to address the loss of dwelling rooms on Monday, May 6, 2019 from 5:30 – 8:00 pm in Committee Room 2 (second floor) of Toronto City Hall. This is your opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions of City staff. You are welcome to attend at any time during the open house.

For more information, or to provide feedback if you are unable to attend the public open house, visit: or contact Senior Planner Narmadha Rajakumar at 416-392-4529 or .

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