57 Brock Avenue Update

Posted on November 9, 2017

The developer of 57 Brock Avenue, Brock Seaforth Inc.,  have submitted a Settlement Proposal to the city. 

 City Legal and City Planning have accepted this settlement proposal by submitting a Staff Report to the November 7-9th City Council Meeting. The item is available online at :http://app.toronto.ca/tmmis/viewAgendaItemHistory.do?item=2017.CC34.12

This settlement  agreement will be heard prior to the OMB prehearing that was scheduled for November 23rd.

 The presentation from the Community Meeting :

Community Meeting Presentation

Pia Bouman’s 32nd Nutcracker – December 15th -17th, 2017

Posted on November 9, 2017

Pia Bouman’s 32nd Nutcracker

Presenter: Pia Bouman’s School for Ballet and Creative Movement

Grab your friends and family and join us for a magical performance of the classic ballet, the Nutcracker. In its 32nd year, the production by the Pia Bouman School for Ballet has become an annual holiday tradition for many in Parkdale and the wider Toronto community. 

Our mandate embraces everyone who wants to learn dance, to create and to perform. Students who demonstrate their dedication and love for dance and for performance have a chance to be part of this amazing culmination of artistic vision and community effort. We look forward to seeing you there!

Times and dates:

Friday Dec 15, 7:30 pm

Saturday Dec 16, 1:30 pm and 7:30 pm

Sunday Dec 17,  1:30 pm

Location: Humberside Collegiate Institute – Lismer Hall, 280 Quebec Ave 

Admission price: $10-$50

Ticket website: https://sa1.seatadvisor.com/sabo/servlets/TicketRequest?eventId=1187954&presenter=PIABOUMAN&venue=&event=&version=&tck=true

Website: http://www.piaboumanschool.org/nutcracker/

Join the conversation – Help re-name Toronto’s homelessness system

Posted on November 9, 2017


Help re-name Toronto’s homelessness system!

Council recently adopted a review (http://bit.ly/2o1r0Rj) of how the City locates homeless shelters making it clear that the conversation about homelessness services has to change. To do that, homeless shelters—programs, service delivery models, and building designs—all need to be transformed. This is underway now to emphasize that services exist to support clients to move to permanent housing as quickly as possible and with supports to assist them to keep their homes.

Understanding that language and names are powerful signals of the transformative changes being proposed through the new service model, Council also suggested staff consider new names for the service.

The City is seeking the input of Toronto residents in this process. Your input will help inform an external consultant’s recommendations regarding a possible new name for the homelessness services system, including shelters, to better reflect the positive roles that these play in communities and in the lives of our most vulnerable residents.

The survey takes only a few minutes to complete and is open until 12 December, 2017. You can access it here: http://bit.ly/2z9o6j7

Toronto Animal Services cat adoption event this weekend (All cats are $25) – November 10th – 12th, 2017

Posted on November 9, 2017


Are you coming over this weekend? From Friday to Sunday, (November 10 to 12) all cats are $25 plus taxes and licence. At all our shelters plus PetSmart at 835 Eglinton Ave W. Go to toronto.ca/adoptapet to view available cats!

High Park Stewards | High Park Buckthorn Busting – Sunday, November 12 (and 26)

Posted on November 9, 2017

Sunday, November 12 and 26, 2017, 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Grenadier Restaurant, Colborne Lodge Drive and Centre Road, Toronto, ON

Help the High Park Stewards remove buckthorn, one of the worst invasive species in High Park. Buckthorn removal is a popular activity for anyone who likes being outdoors and finds satisfaction in restoring the park’s ecology; a few hours of work make a real difference. For students, it is also a way to collect volunteer hours.

Another group will work on the boulevard beds, a native plant garden in front of the Grenadier Restaurant.

The final session, on November 26, will be followed by a potluck lunch at the Howard Park Tennis Club (430 Parkside Drive).

Please meet us at 10:30 am in front of the Grenadier Restaurant if you want to work on the boulevard beds, or go directly to the site near Howard Park Avenue and Parkside Drive for buckthorn busting (see the map on the web site).

For more information:


Community Meeting: Development Application at 2720 Dundas St. West – Nov 21, 2017

Posted on November 3, 2017

The developer of 2720 Dundas St West has applied to the City of Toronto for a Zoning By-law Amendment to build a 12-storey mixed-use building with 15,035 square metres of floor area containing 173 dwelling units, a below grade parking lot with 93 parking spaces and additional bicycle parking on the ground floor.

Please see below.

2720 Dundas Community Meeting

StreetArt Toronto Information Session – Save the Date

Posted on November 3, 2017

The City of Toronto StreetARToronto (StART) program is embarking on its 7th year!
StART will be holding 4 information sessions that highlightg what to expect for 2018 programs (updated guidelines, deadlines, etc).

RSVP ( requested but not required) to the information session.

Save the Date!
Downtown – Nov 16 – StART Info Session & Gallery Exhibit
TIME: To be Determined.
Info Session and Networking Event
Northern Contemporary, 1266 Queen St W (Entrance off Noble St.)


King Street Pilot Project

Posted on November 3, 2017


Earlier this year, our plan for a bold move on King Street was approved by City Council. Work on The King Street Transit Pilot has progressed rapidly since, and the pilot will be launching on November 12.

King Street is the busiest surface transit route in the entire City, carrying more than 65,000 riders on a typical weekday. It is a critical downtown spine, connecting neighbourhoods, the largest employment centre in the entire country, and diverse urban forms and uses.

But we recognize that King Street isn’t working. Streetcars are often stuck in mixed traffic, making it challenging to keep transit service running smoothly. This often results in bunching and gapping of vehicles, uneven utilization of capacity, streetcar congestion and overcrowded vehicles. During rush hour, people are often unable to board the first streetcar that arrives.

A significant change is needed to improve transit service on this critical artery in our neighbourhoods. Like we’re doing in so many other areas – community facilities, new parkland, and more – we must both catch up with growth and plan for the future. The King Street Transit Pilot is our opportunity to do just that.

In the weeks ahead, you will see preparatory work along King Street such as new signage, modified traffic signals, and new paint markings. In the final days leading up to November 12, some lane closures will be necessary at times to install the finishing touches. Every effort is being made to minimize disruption.

When completed, new turn restrictions will be in place along King Street to limit vehicular access. Cars will still be able to reach every block of King Street in both directions, but commuter through-traffic will not be allowed. There will be no public parking on King Street. Instead, in the middle of each block, curbside space will be dedicated to commercial deliveries, accessible pick up and drop off, general pick up and drop off, taxi stands, and expanded public realm.

The project website has now been updated with a variety of materials to help you navigate the new and improved King Street, including: a helpful map of the corridor to help you figure out how to get where you need to go, an implementation timeline, and more.

To get us to November 12 (weather permitting), here is the implementation timeline available on the project website – much of the work below will be ongoing until the beginning of the pilot:

October 30 – Overhead sign installation begins

November 6 – Installation of new transit shelters at select stops, Curbside sign installation begins, pavement marking installation begins

November 10 – Installation of streetcar stop/public realm elements installation (concrete barriers, planters, tactile strips, and ramps) begins

November 11 – Signal activation

November 12 – Pilot begins

To find out more, take a look at this helpful info booklet on the pilot, and stay updated via the project website.

If you are have any questions or concerns about the King Street Transit Pilot – both the implementation and the operation – please do not hesitate to contact my office, councillor_perks@toronto.ca .


*New Attachements*

King Street Corridor Map Booklet

King Street Postcard Mail Drop

Home Energy Loan Program (HELP)

Posted on November 3, 2017

Stay Warm This Winter for Less

Tired of a cold, drafty home and high energy bills – HELP is here!

Through the City of Toronto’s Home Energy Loan Program (HELP), you can get a low-interest loan to cover the cost of a new high-efficiency furnace, new windows, doors, insulation and more. And if you want to go the extra mile, the loan can also cover the cost of solar rooftop panels, solar hot water heaters, and geothermal heating and cooling!

The great thing about Toronto’s Home Energy Loan Program, is that at the same time that you make your home more comfortable and reduce your energy bills, you’ll also be reducing the emissions that contribute to climate change.

Low-interest rates and great terms

In addition to offering low-interest rates (starting at 2%), and repayment terms of up to 15 years, you can repay the loan at any time without penalty. And if you sell your home and don’t want to pay off the loan, the new homeowner can assume the payments. Sound too good to be true? It’s not!

Save energy, money and more!

The results are impressive. On average, HELP participants::

reduce their home energy use by 30%;

save over $560 per year on their energy bills; and

receive additional incentives of up to $2,250 from utility companies such as Enbridge Gas and IESO

You can get a loan of up to $75,000 for your improvements. The process begins with an easy online application. The HELP team will then connect you with a Registered Energy Advisor, help you access the incentives provided by the utility companies, and do what they can to make the process smooth and seamless.

Here’s what one HELP participant had to say about their experience retrofitting their Scarborough home:

We wanted to make our home more energy efficient and HELP was a fit for our needs. The renovations would add value to our property. It was an easy experience for us and we are very appreciative!”

The City’s HELP team is available to support you throughout the process. Ready to get started? Have a few questions? We’d love to hear from you.

Contact us at 416-392-1826 or learn more at toronto.ca/home-energy-loan



City Planning Rail and Land Use study – consultation events

Posted on November 3, 2017

The City Planning Division is conducting a Land Use Study to develop a series of rail corridor typologies that are intended to inform the creation of a set of guidelines that will assist City Planning staff in the review of development applications on lands that are adjacent to rail corridors and yards.


The study is being conducted in two Phases. Phase 1, is an inventory and information gathering phase to gain a better understanding of what rail infrastructure exists in the City, the nature of rail operations and allow for the creation of a series of potential rail infrastructure typologies. Informed by Phase 1, and using the typologies identified, Phase 2 will include the creation of the proposed guidelines for development in proximity to rail infrastructure.


Public consultation and input is a key feature of the Study and City of Toronto Planning staff have scheduled four public consultation meetings across the City. These meetings offer an opportunity to provide comments on the Phase 1 report, ask questions of City Planning staff and provide input regarding rail safety and new development in the City. Feedback from these meetings will help inform City Planning staff as we develop a series of Toronto specific guidelines for development in proximity to rail operations.


Each meeting will run from 7 – 9PM and have been scheduled as follows:


November 6 – Metro Hall, Room 308/309 (55 John Street)

November 8 –Etobicoke Civic Centre, Council Chambers (399 The West Mall)

November 16 –North York Civic Centre, Council Chambers (5100 Yonge Street)

November 21 –Scarborough Civic Centre, Council Chambers (150 Borough Drive)

November 30 – Metro Hall, Room 308 / 309 (55 John Street)


For more information regarding the ongoing study please visit the website at: https://web.toronto.ca/city-government/planning-development/planning-studies-initiatives/guidelines-for-development-close-to-rail-corridors-yards/

November 2017