501/301 Queen Service Changes

Posted on March 7, 2017

From May 7 to September 2, buses will replace streetcars on the entire length of the 501/301 Queen route; between Long Branch Loop to Neville Park Loop.

A number of planned construction projects along the Queen streetcar route make it difficult to provide continuous uninterrupted streetcar service during the work. A full bus replacement will maintain service along the route, providing the most efficient travel during construction, and will help avoid major diversions that streetcars would otherwise be required to use.

The projects on the 501/301 Queen route from May 7 to September 2 include:

• City/TTC track work on the Lake Shore and track and bridge work on The Queensway – January 2017 to end of year
• City streetscaping/sidewalk improvement work between Bathurst and Spadina – Spring 2017
• Eaton Centre/Hudson’s Bay pedestrian bridge re-construction – May to September 2017
• City watermain work at Queen/Coxwell – prior to Labour Day 2017 (this is followed by TTC track reconstruction in the fall)
• Various short-term TTC track/concrete repairs on Queen Street
– i.e. Queen/James, Queen/Simcoe, Queen/Bay, etc.

TTC service changes (May 7 to September 2, 2017)
501/301 Queen buses will operate between Neville Park Loop and Long Branch Loop.

On September 3, streetcars will return on the Queen route east of Roncesvalles Avenue. Buses will continue operating west of Roncesvalles Avenue due to ongoing construction along The Queensway/Humber Loop/Lake Shore.

In the Fall of 2017:
Two track reconstruction projects will take place on Queen Street that will require streetcar diversions:
• Queen and Coxwell intersection – September to October 2017
• Queen and McCaul – October to November 2017

Due to other track projects currently underway or already scheduled and coordinated for the summer, the Queen/Coxwell and Queen/McCaul track work cannot be completed during the summer months when the entire 501/301 Queen route is converted to buses.

Notices with additional details will be made available in advance of projects affecting TTC customers and local communities.

Stormwater Charge Proposal Consultation Phase

Posted on March 7, 2017


Toronto Water is set to launch the residential consultation phase of their Stormwater Charge proposal. During the consultations meetings and the community pop-up events staff hope to inform and to receive feedback from residents regarding the proposed new changes to their water bill.

In December 2015, Toronto City Council directed staff to develop an implementation plan for a Stormwater Charge.  Toronto Water has reported back with the Stormwater Charge proposal.

The new charge will remove the portion that homeowners currently pay for stormwater management (currently embedded in the water rate), and show it as a separate charge on the water bill. The water rate would decrease and the Stormwater Charge would be added.

City staff will host six formal presentations (times and locations below) and a number of informal pop-ups across the city throughout the month of March and in early April. The formal presentations will allow staff to share detailed information on the proposal and will be followed by a Q&A with subject matter experts. The pop-up sessions are direct community outreach that will create further awareness of the Stormwater Charge and encourage the public to visit the website to learn more and provide feedback.

For more information about the Stormwater Charge, a detailed list of pop-up event dates and locations, and to complete a short survey, please visit: toronto.ca/stormwatercharge

Location and Times of Formal Staff Presentations

Tuesday, March 7 6-9 p.m. Scarborough Civic Centre, Chamber 150 Borough Drive
Monday, March 20 6-9 p.m. East York Civic Centre 850 Coxwell Avenue
Thursday, March 23 6-9 p.m. Etobicoke Civic Centre, Chamber 399 The West Mall
Tuesday, March 28 6-9 p.m. York Civic Centre, Chamber 2700 Eglinton Avenue West
Thursday, March 30 4-9 p.m. Metro Hall, Rotunda 55 John Street
Tuesday, April 4 6-9 p.m. North York Civic Centre, Room 1 5100 Yonge Street
March 2017