2017 Toronto Strong Neighbourhood Strategy: Resident Advisory Committee

The City of Toronto is seeking volunteers for the 2017 Toronto Strong Neighbourhood Strategy (TSNS2020): Resident Advisory Committee. The committee will advise the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of the strategy. The Resident Advisory Committee will include 1 volunteer and 1 alternate from each of the 31 Neighbourhood Improvement Areas and 8 Emerging Neighbourhoods. The Resident Advisory Committee will be selected from Neighbourhood Planning Tables (see next page) based on the following considerations:

  1. Lived experience and/or experience working in neighbourhoods and active participation in neighbourhood based planning,
  2. Involvement in Neighbourhood Planning Tables (NAPs, Networks, Coalitions etc.) connected to the TSNS 2020
  3. Live in a City of Toronto Neighbourhood Improvement Areas and Emerging Neighbourhood (see next page),
  4. Diversity of age, gender and cultural origin with racialized community representation and gender balance.

Note: Full-time Employees of the City of Toronto, including Agencies, Boards, Commissions and Corporations are not ineligible to sit on the Resident Advisory Committee.

What is the Commitment?

  • Members will participate in 4 quarterly scheduled meetings that will be approximately 2 hours in length. Membership length is for a one year period.

When Will Meetings Be Held?

  • Meetings will be held on a weekday evening from 6:30pm – 8:30pm. The first meeting will be scheduled February 2017.

Please contact Sarosh for more information – 416-206-1552 – Sarosh.Anwar@toronto.ca